Professional Qualifications & Experience


Wilma has a breadth of experience in mental health treatment and counselling. Over the last decade she has worked closely with the emergency services to support staff who have witnessed traumatic events and has a great deal of experience of working with the impact of road traffic collisions.

In addition to being a Registered Mental Health Nurse she holds a variety of qualifications including a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling from Aberdeen University. She has been a fully Accredited Bereavement Counsellor for many years and has regularly worked as volunteer with Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland, working with children and young adults.

She is also one of the only registered Accredited E.M.D.R. therapists in the north east of Scotland and is also trained in child and adolescent E.M.D.R. protocols.

  • Registered Nurse Mental Health - N.M.C. Registered

  • PG Dip. Person-Centred Approach - C.O.S.C.A. - Registered

  • Accredited Bereavement Counsellor - Cruse B.C. Scotland

  • Trained in Family and Grief Support - Cruse B.C. Scotland

  • E.M.D.R. Accredited Therapist - E.M.D.R. Europe - Registered & Accredited with E.M.D.R. Association U.K. & Ireland.

  • Trained in Child and Adolescent E.M.D.R and registered with E.M.D.R. Association U.K. & Ireland.

Wilma is dedicated to upholding the highest counselling standards and is registered with Counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland (COSCA). She supports and abides by their professional code of ethics and standards.

As part of that commitment, Wilma follows their complaints procedure details of which are available at However, in the first instance she welcomes an opportunity to work with clients to resolve any issues.