Testimonials about Wilma's work.

The nature of counselling work means all of those who work with Wilma do so on a confidential basis. The following people have happily supplied anonymous testimonials following their therapy with Wilma.

I met with Wilma at a time when work and family related pressures were impacting significantly on my health which resulted in me being signed off sick.

”Wilma’s approach put me at such ease that she extracted all the relevant information and, in my case, identified further areas of my life which were contributing to my situation.

”The immediate effect of Wilma’s interventions were such that I returned to work within a matter of weeks and, over the course of just two month, I was back to myself.

”My family and I are extremely grateful for all that she did which returned me to a happy individual who enjoyed work.
— Inspector with Police Scotland & Grampian Police

Wilma is an excellent health professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others. The service she provides is second to none and she has a genuine talent. Her work ethic is beyond reproach and she routinely goes ‘above and beyond’ to ensure a positive outcome.
— Police Constable from Aberdeenshire

As a mother, it was heartbreaking seeing my child unhappy, worried, withdrawn and upset. I felt helpless at what to do, but knew my family needed support.

”Wilma was recommended to me and, following a mix of family and one to one sessions, my son came to have a new friend.

”She listened, coaxed, supported and interacted with my son as a person he trusted and felt comfortable with enough to talk about what was wrong.

”I can only thank Wilma for the time, help and guidance my family received and, following a few sessions, I have a much happier little boy back who has learned to deal with his worries and learned that sometimes it is ok to be sad.

”I would recommend Wilma to anyone who is worried and anxious about their child. Her approach and experience made such a difference and for that I can’t say thank you enough.
— A mother from the Grampian area

For over a decade I struggled with depression and anxiety and, by my early thirties, it had already cost me so much. It was not just the thousands in lost earnings or the stunted career progression, it was the toll it took on those around me that hurt most.

”I felt I had exhausted all the options on offer but then a former colleague of mine told me about EMDR, Wilma’s work and what it had done for him.

”Crucially, for the first time, I was screened for previous trauma by Wilma. I had suffered a form of sexual abuse in my adolescence however, to me at least, it had absolutely no connection to my recurring anxiety and depression.

”I now know that the damage that was done in the aftermath of that led directly to the anxiety and depression I struggled with for so long.

”Now I’m pleased to say that Wilma and EMDR has completely freed me from those shackles.

”It’s no longer just about coping. I don’t know the last time I felt unduly anxious and I’m certainly not depressed. I haven’t felt as content as I do now in a long, long time.
— Public Sector Professional in Aberdeen

Following challenges at work which I thought related to a recent incident, I met with Wilma. What a revelation that proved to be! I undertook a programme of Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprogramming. It sounded strange initially, but my scepticism evaporated quickly.

”I found my challenges were far more deep seated than I realised. Over a number of sessions we worked through many issues, removing perceived blocks and settling matters in my head.

”The result is a far more balanced me and a reduction, hopefully soon to be a complete cessation, in long term medication reliance.

”Wilma is a real gem, a very capable therapist; she put me at ease and supported me through very emotional issues. I cannot thank her enough nor recommend her highly enough. I now have my life back to enjoy!
— Employee with Police Scotland

"It's more than a year since I finished my meetings with Wilma and I feel a completely different person than I was when I first decided to visit her.

"I was confused and overwhelmed about my life, work, family and my self confidence around people even though I worked with the public in my own business.

"After letting everything out, we worked through it and basically got me fixed. I was a little scared of managing without my meetings but, very soon, I was going forward through life a different happy person. My hidden problem was fatal car crash which I came across and didn't know how to cope with or talk about." 

- Male from Aberdeenshre